Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions

What Eyelash Extensions Make Eyes Look Bigger?

What Eyelash Extensions Make Eyes Look Bigger
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Eyelashes and looks are very important especially for women. Thanks to the doll eye eyelash extension, you can always prioritize the beauty of your eyes for a more well-groomed appearance, without the need for cosmetics. Eyelash extensions are a process in which small strands of hair are attached to natural eyelashes to make eyelashes appear longer, distinct and thicker. It consists of many varieties in different shapes, lengths, materials and widths. Want to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive? With eyelash extensions this is of course possible. In order to obtain the eyelash form suitable for your eye shape, you should consider the following.

If You Have Almond Eyes…

Almond eyes, which even inspire poems, have an ideal form. This form, which is also called gazelle eye, shows the eyes more open than normal because it is slanted towards the edges. At this point, almond-eyed women may, fortunately, prefer eyelashes with a longer middle part to add movement to the eyes and strengthen this effect.

If You Have Round Eyes…

Round eyes have a pleasant and balanced appearance. The eyelash model to be chosen; It should be in a way that will show the rounded stance of the eyes more slanted and add a slight curve. For this, silk eyelashes can be applied so that the ends are longer and the inner parts are relatively shorter.

If Your Eyelids Are Low…

Having low eyelids can add a romantic and dramatic air to the person. But it is useful to show the eyes more slanted, open and doll eye. In addition, low eyelids make eyes appear smaller than they are. In order to make the eyes appear both more slanted and larger than they are, shorter and longer eyelashes can be preferred.

If Your Eyes Are Far From Each Other…

It is possible to show distant eyes closer to each other with both eyelashes and eyebrows. At this point, you should prefer your eyebrows a little closer than the starting point of your eyes. You should choose your lashes as long in the middle. Because the middle long eyelashes will make the eyes look closer and rounder. In addition, the outer parts of the long eyelashes should definitely be avoided. This can make the eyes appear farther and longer.

If Your Eyes Are Close to Each Other…

The doll eye eyelash that you need to choose to show the eyes close to each other far away, should be the eyelashes with the short starting point. The eyelash extension, which progresses from short to long, will make the eyes look farther and more striking.

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