Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions

What are the Types of Baby Eyelash Extensions

What are the Types of Baby Eyelash Extensions
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It is extremely important to use the right materials and tools for the baby eye eyelash extension look. Lash materials should provide a natural, fluffy and expressive effect.

The following options are available for the types of eyelashes you can use to create the perfect baby eyelash map:

Silk lashes: It has a natural shine that gives shine and a distinct depth to the lashes.

Mink lashes : These are smooth and light. Its appearance is similar to natural doll eye eyelashes extensions. They add density, structure and volume to the lashes.

Cashmere lashes : A solid choice for doll eyes as they have more curl protection and are 60% lighter than mink lashes.

Since natural materials are very sensitive to allergies, doll lashes are designed using artificial fibers.

Baby Eyelash Extension Methods

Different techniques can be used to design eyelash extensions. It all depends on how your natural lashes look and your preference.

  1. Classic baby eyelash extensions

This technique is the same as the method used to make any classic eyelash extension kit. It is created using a 1:1 ratio. In other words, it is done by attaching an extension to each natural lash.

  1. 2D voluminous lashes

Baby eye voluminous eyelash extensions are one of the best choices for a set of extensions that look both full and natural. This technique combines two lashes into one natural lash, resulting in a 2:1 ratio.

If your eyelashes are weak and thin, you can use classic doll eyelash extensions.

  1. 3D voluminous lashes

This technique is very common. With this technique, a result of 3:1 is obtained by gluing three extensions to a single extension.

Before choosing this dramatic look, evaluate the density and strength of your natural lashes. Since 3D voluminous lashes have a very high rate of growth compared to natural lashes, they can be heavy and compromise the structural integrity of your lashes, causing breakage and immature lash shedding.

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

How is eyelash extension done and how long does it take? Apart from such questions, the question of whether eyelashes are harmful to your natural eyelashes is also asked a lot. There is no reason for them to damage natural lashes when applied and cared for properly.

When such a customer, who works with the eyelash cycle, does not make doll eye eyelash extensions to baby eyelashes, comes for a filling, the baby eyelashes that are left to grow are strong enough to support the weight of the extensions. Likewise, new baby lashes are left to grow again for the next filling.

It is recommended that extensions be interrupted every 6 months. But there will always be people who really don’t want to be without them. In such cases, it is recommended to use an eyelash growth serum when wearing the extensions. Keep your lashes strong and beautiful.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

It depends on how long eyelash extensions have been done and the skill of the technician. It also depends on which eyelash extensions you choose. For individual one-on-one classical extensions, an experienced technician usually takes 90 minutes. Some people with dense lashes may need more time.

For Russian doll eye eyelash extensions, this is a much more skillful process and therefore more time is needed. These are very well graded extensions that are vented using a special set of tweezers and can have 3 to 7 extensions, sometimes a very good grade even more. Deciding how many lash extensions to use is determined by the look the client wants and, more importantly, by the condition of the client’s own lashes. The time required for Russian extensions is about 2 hours. But it depends on how full the person wants their eyelashes.

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