Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions

Things to Know About Baby Eyelash Extensions

Things to Know About Baby Eyelash Extensions
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While eyelash extensions may seem like a new and simple job, there is some misinformation about what it actually is. Therefore, here are the things you should know before using doll eye eyelash extensions;

1. You won’t have to wear mascara

This is almost the best part about having eyelash extensions. You will enjoy waking up as if you have put on mascara. Because long eyelashes make you look more awake! At the same time, you will feel that you do not need any eye make-up because they look beautiful. It will feel very good to remove mascara from night skin care home makeup cleaning.

2. See them as an investment

The prices of eyelash extensions vary depending on where you get them done. But if you want to have good looking eyelashes extensions, you should invest in them. Prices also vary depending on what type of lashes you get. There is a difference between the prices of silk eyelashes and synthetic eyelashes.

3. Do not neglect your care

You will need to go to the hairdresser approximately every 3-4 weeks to fill your lashes. During this time, using baby shampoo will do some good.

4. Avoid water for 2 days

This is definitely something to keep in mind, especially if you are a working person. Moisture affects the glue used on the eyelashes and does not allow it to harden. Avoid face wash, eye makeup and heavy exercise.

5. Do not rub your eyes

You have to be extremely gentle with these babies, and if you like to rub your eyes or have allergies where they really itch, doll eye eyelash extensions might not be for you. If you rub your eyes vigorously, your lashes may fall out and also damage your natural lashes.

6. Be aware of how you sleep

At first, the way you sleep affects the condition of your eyelashes. Therefore, try your best to sleep on your back. If you lie on your face, you may encounter flattened eyelashes in the morning and we don’t want that at all.

7. Do not use certain makeup products

When removing eye make-up, just make sure that the product you use is an oil-free make-up remover. Because oil can deactivate the glue and cause your lashes to slip. Also, liquid liner over pencils/creams is recommended because they also contain oil.

8. Avoid heavy makeup

If you want to do eye make-up, you can do a light make-up. Heavy make-up can be problematic in the first few days. Also, when removing eye makeup, you should remove it gently and carefully.

9. Don’t be afraid of losing your eyelashes

In the first months, you may see that your eyelashes are shedding. However, once you get used to it, there will be no such problem. All you have to do is be patient and not lose hope.

10. Prepare to be upset when removing your eyelash extensions

The last and saddest part will be removing your eyelash extensions. Although you like to have long and full eyelashes, you will have to say goodbye to them after the time is up. But don’t worry, you can have your eyelash extensions again whenever you want.

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