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How to Remove Makeup Around Eyelash Extensions?

How to Remove Makeup Around Eyelash Extensions_
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We have to admit that in the quest for longer and fuller lashes, there is a lot a mascara can do. And yes, there are false eyelashes too. But at the end of the day, you have to remove them too. That’s why eyelash extensions are your best bet if you want long, wavy lashes without the hassle of removing them for weeks. Thanks to these, your eyelashes will look long and thin as in your dreams.

After a day with make-up, you will often see the make-up gather around the base of the eyelash extensions. To gently remove your makeup, wet a cotton ball and wipe around the eyes. You can use any oil-free makeup remover for this. But the thing to be careful about is never use the same cotton swab on both eyes as you could unknowingly get an eye infection and transfer it to the other eye. You can always use a gentle brush on your eyelashes at this stage, being extremely careful not to damage your eyelash extensions.

Removing Eyelash Extensions

Since eyelash extension is a semi-permanent treatment, it usually grows within 2 to 4 weeks. When it comes to removing your lash extensions, it’s always best to have them removed by your lash technician. However, we understand that whether you have a full lash tech or a very busy schedule, there isn’t every time for that. How easy it is to remove your eyelash extensions at home depends on a number of factors such as how long they grow and how many are left. You should never pull or pull on your extensions as this fact can damage your lashes and cause them to fall out. As for removing your extensions, you should only do this safely to avoid any irritation to the growing hairs or doll eye eyelashes extensions. You can read on to find out our best tips and tricks at home.

When you first get your extensions done, most of you will be aware that you should avoid using oil-based products near your eyes, as this will cause your extensions to fall out and the glue to ‘melt’ due to the weakening of the oil. Oil or oil-based products will be your BFF because you want to remove extensions. Remember, if your lashes are partially stubborn, go ahead and mix and try these solutions.

Protect your lashes from heat

One of the things that wears out eyelash extensions is heat. Exposure to excessive sunlight can dry out your lashes and cause them to fall out.

In order to increase eyelash growth, you should wear sunglasses in extreme heat.

Realize that eyelash treatment isn’t fast

You need to take the time to get quality results at the first lash appointment. For classic lashes, refilling takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Do not use eyelash curlers

For eyelash extensions, you don’t need to use an eyelash curler. The eyelash curler you apply to your natural lashes is not necessary here.

Don’t buy cheap eyelash extensions

The eye has a delicate structure. For this reason, you should stay away from cheap eyelash extensions. If you do not want to encounter any allergic reactions or other discomforts, you should be careful to get your eyelash extensions from a good place. This is essential for your eye health.

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