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How to apply False Eyelashes: A guide on how to apply lashes.

How to apply False Eyelashes A guide on how to apply lashes.
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False lashes are the kind of thing that look so easy to do in theory, but in reality, it can be a bit of a struggle. If you’re like me and have always wanted to try them out, but felt intimidated by the process, this guide will help you get started.

False lashes are basically just small wigs that you apply over your own lashes. They can add length and thickness to your natural lashes or give you a full-on glam look with dramatic volume. To apply false lashes, follow these steps:

1. Clean your face thoroughly with makeup remover or soap and water, then dry it well with a towel or tissue.

2. Pick up one of your false lash strips (they typically come in pairs) and hold it up against your lash line to see if there’s any excess glue on the ends—if there is, trim it off with scissors until they’re even with the lash line (don’t worry about cutting off too much—you’ll just end up wasting some of the strip). You don’t want any glue hanging off past where your natural lashes start; otherwise it will look unnatural and messy when applied!

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